My Strongest Suit

Lauren Blatter is a 22-year-old student who is finishing up her advertising studies at the superb University of Florida. I am finally home from my six month stint in good old New York, NY. Since I am not in the most amazing city in the world, I have decided to change around my blog a bit to be more about what I am doing while being at school for the semester. There will be a lot of cooking, baking and reviewing of shows. I plan on watching about every new show that is premiering this year so it will be a long list!

Lauren or as her friends call her “Blatter,” has many interests which you will read about throughout the blog. When she isn’t surfing the Internet to read whatever she can about Harry Potter, Broadway, musicals, Entertainment Weekly, or anything else that she stumbles upon; she is crocheting, watching the Food Network or all of her other shows religiously, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, reading or just enjoying being with her friends. Lauren is writing this blog to entertain her friends while she is away. It is dedicated to everything she loves and more. If it peaks her interests, she probably has a thing for it…

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