I have a thing for…

Blogs. Clearly, because I have one I would be addicted to finding other blogs and obsessing over their content. My first blog love has to go to Michelle Profis, if it were not for her I would not have a blog to call my own. She has two different blogs that you can read Big Grapes, Small Raisins or An American Girl in the London World. Michelle writes so beautifully and whenever she posts it feels like I am on a mini-holiday with her in London.

Some other blogs that I can’t get enough of include Gaby Dunn’s 100 Interviews. Gaby has taken on the task of interviewing 100 different people that she has never met and it is really enjoyable to read about her journey of these interviews. Carly Lundy also has a blog that I cannot get enough of. She posts great recipes and ideas that you should definitely check out The Daily Batch! I also have a thing for Chelsea’s blog top5. Here she brings together her love of the Gators, Football and other great things as she counts down her top 5 faves.

I found this blog by clicking and clicking my way through the wonderful world of wedding websites. No, I am not getting married, but I simply LOVE wedding websites. I can thank Lindsay for this problem I have. It started with Style Me Pretty and has since grown to include MANY other sites. I don’t recall how I came across Green Wedding Shoes but I haven’t looked back since. For me, its the photography that draws me into these different sites. I can’t get enough of photography, which is why I LOVE this next blog.

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot. This couple just got married and decided to spend the next six months traveling the world. They have just finished up the Europe segment of their trip, it lasted three months. They are wedding photographers when they are living in the states, so I was obviously drawn to their gorgeous pictures on their blog. If you get a minute, you really should check it out. I feel like I am along for the ride on their amazing travels.

Today I found this blog FRYD + DESIGN and I just love the colors and visuals on the site. And obviously I love Food Blogs. I found this one yesterday thanks to twitter. Making sundaySauce, having just gotten my new camera, I love photographing food and this is a great guide to help me along my journey.

Thats all for today, but I will add more as I find what is out there on this amazing invention we call Internet. Today I am having a technology love attack. It is amazing how the Internet can bring people together from all over the world who have the same interests and desires to share with others.

I have a thing for…

The Big Apple

I’m heading to NYC today for some doctors appointments. Which means good food, friends and beautiful weather. I’m excited and I will report back when I get home.

To pump myself up lets hear a little Frank

I have a thing for…

Food, Glorious Food

If there is one thing that is true, New York one of the greatest places in the world for food. And I am proudly eating my way through it. Although it can rack up, and we are trying hard to not go into debt, even though my stomach wouldn’t mind it. We never eat at the same restaurant twice and try new restaurants almost everyday.

My Reviews Thus Far

Calle Ocho, was fantastic. Located on the Upper West Side you are not expecting it to be so large when you walk in but when they take you to your table you are transported to a great Spanish atmosphere. I had Vaca Frita al Caballo which was excellent. We ordered a combination of the sides which accented the meal very well. Black beans, white rice and sweet plantains; there is nothing better than that for me.

Cafe Lalo, also located on the Upper West Side is one of my favorite places for brunch. Everything they serve is fresh, beautiful and freakin tasty. Yummy nova and salads make for the perfect meal and I cannot wait to try everything else on the menu.

cafe lalo brunch yum yum

Good Enough to Eat was truly good enough to eat. Mom got the veggie burger, which was made with real veggies, not like a Boca burger you get from the freezer section of the grocery store. I got the chicken quesadilla. It was great and I cannot wait to go back and try their omelette with Granny Smith apples and cheese.

Clinton St. Baking Company, down in the Lower East Side is known for their pancakes. The blueberry pancakes were my food of choice and I was very content with my decision. They serve it with a maple butter which definitely accentuated the pancakes. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves to indulge in some sweet pancakes.

blueberry mmmm

Max Brenner, is my lover. Also known as the Bald Man who specializes in chocolate, his lunch was just as good as any of his desserts. Mom and I shared the Mediterranean Trio & Crispy Spice Dusted Pita Chips with hummus, eggplant and babaganoosh; I couldn’t get enough of this plate. We then shared a Cobb Salad that was equally as excellent. I can confidently say that I could order anything from this menu and always be pleased. (Located near Union Sq.)

platter full of goodness

Fig and Olive, located a stones throw away from Bloomingadales was amazing. Everything was fresh and made my stomach smile. They start off by giving you three different olive oils to taste with some bread and every dressing for the salad was a different olive oil. If you like mediterranean and want a fresh and tasty meal, Fig and Olive is the place to go.

More restaurant reviews to come…get excited for Bar Americain 🙂

I Have a a thing for…

Food…I love food, WAY to much. I love being presented with a plate that looks way to good for words. Before I start eating most meals, I have to take a picture of the plate to document what will later sit contently in my belly.

This past Tuesday, Mom and I decided to try out New York’s Restaurant Week. I had choice of restaurant, and decided to try out David Burke’s Townhouse. I was first attracted to the decor of the restaurant, where you felt like you were being transported into a fairytale/Alice in Wonderland with the black and white tiles and the funky artwork all over the restaurant. I was then attracted to the food on everyones table; I wish I could have tried everything on the menu.

I went with the Pretzel Crusted Crabcake with confit orange and poppy seed honey. I never wanted this to end. It was the cutest package presented to me and it really did taste like heaven. The crunch of the pretzel, the tenderness of the crab and taste of all of the flavors together really made this dish spectacular.

heaven wrapped in pretzel

My main dish did not excite me as much as the crabcake did but it was still superb. The main dish was Mustard Crusted Tuna. It was good, but I was still day-dreaming about the crabcake. Dessert made me happy again. I got Warm and Crisp Apple Tart with cider caramel and dulce de leche. Not only was it beautiful, but it was tasty and good.

All in all, my taste buds were appeased and I truly enjoyed my meal. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful restaurants we get to try while exploring the city 😀

warm and crisp apple tart

I have a thing for…

NYC…So its officially been over a week since I have been in the City. When I last blogged it was Friday, so lets catch you up to speed on what I have been up to since then. Besides spending I think collectively about 10 hours in Macys and Bloomingdales; we have walked, talked and ate our way through the city.

I had my first celebrity siting on Saturday night at Josie’s on the west side. As I was enjoying drinks before our meal was served, in walks Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men and her husband Fred Armisen. Now, seeing her at first I was very excited, but knowing that she was married to Fred, hoping he would walk in was just the greatest thing. I LOVE Saturday Night Live. I LOVE his character Ferecito, and all of his other characters. So it was a very exciting time for me. I did not take pictures because I did not want to bother them but this memory will be engrained in my mind forever 🙂

Sunday was Valentines Day and my dad was leaving later in the day. My sister and I decided to treat our parents to one of my favorite spots in the City, Cafe Lalo. After a fantastic lunch we saw Valentines Day, which I thought was cute and most appropriate on the most romantic day of the year.

Other than really enjoying walking around and exploring the city, my mom and I have done a tad bit of shopping and are hopefully becoming New Yorkers. (haha I WISH!) I have been catching up on my shows, watching the U.S.A. kick butt in the Olympics, reading the Magicians and knitting myself a scarf! We are getting over the fact that we are three in a studio, it really isn’t that bad!

I have a thing for…

telling you about my first days in NYC! Yesterday was my first day in the city and I absolutely had a blast. Running errands for my sister was the only thing on the itinerary but I got to take as many pictures as possible while gallivanting through the snowy city. The snow was really not that bad, I didn’t mind it- only when the water got in my boots. So we ran to get a new pair, which have come in handy! We did manage to squeeze in “Chocolate By the Bald Man” or Max Brenner, who I am in love with, and it was fantastic.

my lover, max

Today was meet with doctors day! I met with Dr. Moskowitz, he was great and I want to start treatment asap. However, I have to harvest my eggs first because we’re not sure if the chemo treatment/radiation can affect my baby making abilities later on in life. After that my parents treated me to Crumbs, they took way to many tubes of blood. LOVE LOVE LOVE

happy valentines day love crumbs :)

happy valentines day love crumbs 🙂