I have a thing for…

Posting on my blog. I’ve decided that I want to blog a little more, and I am starting now because its a new year! I will be posting on my blog once a day for all of 2011.

I know its going to be tough, but I have a feeling it is going to be worth while. A couple of days ago I bought a journal to do a new creative project for 365 days. I am starting it when I get to Gainesville so everyone will be in for a treat. I will post my little projects and hope to get feedback and ideas from all of my beloved readers. I plan to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you read my blog, I LOVE you and I hope you comment more in the year 2011 to help me on this journey!

PEACE LOVE 2011 -Lauren