I have a thing for…

New York. Last week my mom and I traveled to New York for my spring break. We had a bunch of doctor visits to do but managed to enjoy our time in the city. I would call this trip the eating tour of New York. We went to Sarabeths, Jane, Cafe Lalo, Millesime, Eatery, David Burke at Bloomingdales and a new restaurant DeeDa.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are all of the amazing meals we had!

I have a thing for….

Quidditch. This is amazing, this is why I love Harry Potter. It brings people together from all over to share their love of Harry’s world. Here we see that the Quidditch World Cup will happen this weekend in NYC. Read this if you’re interested. And well, you should be.

Catch the Golden Snitch

I have a thing for…

Les Cagelles

We are what we are and what we are, is an illusion. Mom and I got to see opening night of La Cage Aux Folles. And it was such a treat. Douglas Hodge who played the show stopping Zaza or Albin was unbelievable. His first act closer I Am What I Am proved he deserved his Olivier Award and his spot on the Broadway stage. He was such a sweet Albin who had these special moments where you wanted to become his best friend. Kelsey Grammar, playing his lover Georges was a delight to watch. His humor was great and I cannot wait to see when he takes on the role of Albin in a few months.

My personal favorite was Robin de Jesus. He played the lovable and hilarious Jacob, Albin and Georges butler. His personality and uniqueness stood out above everything else for me and it was so great to finally see him on the stage. (I have loved Robin for quite a few years now) He was also so gracious when signing autographs after the show and I really cannot wait to go back and see the show again and again.

Robin and I

I didnt help that I was also in tears when I spoke to him 🙂 The La Cage Dancers were OUT OF THIS WORLD. The legs on these men are just unbelievable, the way they bend and stretch, its amazing to know that they are men. You really would never know because they play such beautiful women.

La Cage was incredible and I cannot wait to see it again!!!

I have a thing for…

Chocolate…and to express my feelings, I would like to quote a song.

Heaven, I’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak. And I seem to find the happiness I seek, when we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek.

You know when you eat something and this song pops into your head because whatever you’re eating is just that damn good. That is how I feel when I eat the cookies from Levain Bakery. A tiny shop on 74th street off of Amsterdam, the smell you walk into is intoxicating. It is just chocolate sensory overload that makes you want to lay down forever and live in this cute little shop. At least I do. If you love chocolate, you will LOVE the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie, because it really is just AMAZING, FANTASTIC, MOUTH WATERING, MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH…I can go on for a while. Instead, I just recommend you try these cookies. Even if you aren’t a cookie person, you will convert the minute you eat one of their cookies.

50,000,000,000 stars

I have a thing for…

Food, Glorious Food

If there is one thing that is true, New York one of the greatest places in the world for food. And I am proudly eating my way through it. Although it can rack up, and we are trying hard to not go into debt, even though my stomach wouldn’t mind it. We never eat at the same restaurant twice and try new restaurants almost everyday.

My Reviews Thus Far

Calle Ocho, was fantastic. Located on the Upper West Side you are not expecting it to be so large when you walk in but when they take you to your table you are transported to a great Spanish atmosphere. I had Vaca Frita al Caballo which was excellent. We ordered a combination of the sides which accented the meal very well. Black beans, white rice and sweet plantains; there is nothing better than that for me.

Cafe Lalo, also located on the Upper West Side is one of my favorite places for brunch. Everything they serve is fresh, beautiful and freakin tasty. Yummy nova and salads make for the perfect meal and I cannot wait to try everything else on the menu.

cafe lalo brunch yum yum

Good Enough to Eat was truly good enough to eat. Mom got the veggie burger, which was made with real veggies, not like a Boca burger you get from the freezer section of the grocery store. I got the chicken quesadilla. It was great and I cannot wait to go back and try their omelette with Granny Smith apples and cheese.

Clinton St. Baking Company, down in the Lower East Side is known for their pancakes. The blueberry pancakes were my food of choice and I was very content with my decision. They serve it with a maple butter which definitely accentuated the pancakes. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves to indulge in some sweet pancakes.

blueberry mmmm

Max Brenner, is my lover. Also known as the Bald Man who specializes in chocolate, his lunch was just as good as any of his desserts. Mom and I shared the Mediterranean Trio & Crispy Spice Dusted Pita Chips with hummus, eggplant and babaganoosh; I couldn’t get enough of this plate. We then shared a Cobb Salad that was equally as excellent. I can confidently say that I could order anything from this menu and always be pleased. (Located near Union Sq.)

platter full of goodness

Fig and Olive, located a stones throw away from Bloomingadales was amazing. Everything was fresh and made my stomach smile. They start off by giving you three different olive oils to taste with some bread and every dressing for the salad was a different olive oil. If you like mediterranean and want a fresh and tasty meal, Fig and Olive is the place to go.

More restaurant reviews to come…get excited for Bar Americain 🙂