I have a thing for…

JK Rowling and her amazing brain…obviously I woke up one hour too early to check out her latest addition to the world of Harry Potter. http://www.Pottermore.com

And as I wait patiently to register, I am surprised the internet has not crashed completely, it just says that the Page is not found. Its ok JK, I will register for your site. Because I love and respect you as a writer and want to see what this is all about. Plus the graphics during the video were OUT OF CONTROL.

I have a thing for…


Photography and Cameras. I have wanted a nice camera for a while now and unfortunately for me, I stumbled upon two awesome cameras from Urban Outfitters that lets you take some spectacular pictures. So I am currently at a crossroads. Do I splurge and get the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i, or do I think out of the box and get either the Lomography Diana Deluxe Package or the Holga 35mm Deluxe Kit. One thing that is drawing me to the Lomography cameras are the amazing pictures they take. Check out some here at Lomography.com. The con of the Lomography cameras is the fact that it is not digital. However, I can make CDs and put them on the computer. That is my biggest problem with these cameras, but I still think they’re amazing.

double exposure

I dont know what to do!! Help!!!