I have a thing for…

My friends and Gainesville. Not only did I get my friends minus one for a weekend of girls, good food and loving. But I then got to spend the next week preparing for the greatest weekend of my life at Dance Marathon 2011. All the while trying to finish up our 125 page campaigns book. DM is something I will never forget, it was filled with fun theme hours, one incredible rave and a final total that made us all fall on the floor. $713,053.68. 

It was the most rewarding weekend. Being able to listen to Miracle Children talk to the dancers and tell their stories, it made everyone realize why they were standing for 26.2 hours and what pushed everyone through the challenge of staying on their feet. There are no words to really express what Dance Marathon has meant to me these past 5 years and I can’t wait to come back to UF next year to cheer on the dancers and Morale Captains. I Freaking LOVE DM and Morale.


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I have a thing for…

Dance Marathon. A really great event they put on at the University of Florida. Its going to be in its 17th year this year and I have been involved for the past 5 years.

Dance Marathon is an organization that raises money patients at Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida. DM is 26.2 hours where over 800 students stand in honor of the kids at Shands. The money that is donated help purchase diversions for the kids when they are undergoing particularly difficult treatments, it goes towards research to find cures and it helps purchase the latest equipment for the hospital.

The dancers are entertained, fed and distracted for their 26.2 hours by different theme hours that go on throughout the event. Local businesses donate food to feed the students, various bands and djs come to entertain them and students on the Morale staff create fun theme hours for the dancers to get involved in. Families that have gone to the Children’s Miracle Network speak to the students every hour. Their talk of their appreciation and struggles during their time at Shands.

I love DM. There is just no other way to put it. I danced as a freshman and fell in love. Was a recruitment captain as a sophomore then became the Recruitment Overall Chair for a year and a half. I then became a Morale Captain and I am again this year.

All I can ask you to do is take a look at what DM is all about at floridadm.org or donate to my personal fundraising page at Donate Here! DM is an AMAZING event, filled with memories that stay with the students who dance forever. It made my college experience so much more meaningful. Having been through what the kids at Shands go through, I understand the need for the money that we raise. The diversions, the newest technology…it really does make a difference.

So check out DM and remember its FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS and FOR THE KIDS.

overall team with timmy tebow!