I have a thing for…

JK Rowling and her amazing brain…obviously I woke up one hour too early to check out her latest addition to the world of Harry Potter. http://www.Pottermore.com

And as I wait patiently to register, I am surprised the internet has not crashed completely, it just says that the Page is not found. Its ok JK, I will register for your site. Because I love and respect you as a writer and want to see what this is all about. Plus the graphics during the video were OUT OF CONTROL.

HARRY POTTER. DUH WE GET IT I AM OBSESSED. And you will understand why after watching this preview. I can’t stop watching it and I am proud to say that the tickets have been bought for the midnight showing….although I know I will be seeing it way more than one time. Enjoy 🙂


I have a thing for…

Dance Marathon. And it is in 11 days!!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am. Remember everything is FTK (For the Kids!) And every dollar donated can change such a special child’s life.


Make sure to dress up for all of the different theme hours seen here!!

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I have a thing for…

DANCE MARATHON and would LOVE if you donated to my fundraising page any time today!!! Every penny counts an it is such a great cause. How could you not want to give a dollar?


Please click and donate any amount! Every penny counts!!!