I have a thing for…

JK Rowling and her amazing brain…obviously I woke up one hour too early to check out her latest addition to the world of Harry Potter. http://www.Pottermore.com

And as I wait patiently to register, I am surprised the internet has not crashed completely, it just says that the Page is not found. Its ok JK, I will register for your site. Because I love and respect you as a writer and want to see what this is all about. Plus the graphics during the video were OUT OF CONTROL.

I have a thing for…

90’s Nickelodeon T.V. programming, who doesn’t? If you are a young twentysomething like me, you probably feel the same way. I was SO excited to hear the TeenNick is bringing back some of our favorites via Entertainment Weekly, my go to for anything news worthy. Click here to read more!

I have a thing for…

the Oscars. Duh, so excited for tonight and didn’t do predictions so here they are really quickly! (My picks really!)

Best Picture- The Kings Speech

Actor in a Leading Role- Colin Firth, the Kings Speech

Actress in a Leading Role- Natalie Portman or Annette Bening i would be happy with either

Actress in a Supporting Role- Melissa Leo

Actor in a Supporting Role- Geoffrey Rush or Christian Bale – I’m rooting for Geoffrey but I know Christian is going to win

Animated Feature Film- Toy Story 3

Directing- David Fincher, The Social Network

Red Carpet whaddup!!!!!

Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing. Mila Kunis looks gorgeous. Anne Hathaway in red, she is just so beautiful. Sandra Bullock is a vision is red.

Starting the show off right, this will be a special Oscars. Loving the set, its beautiful!. Loving the hosts, theyre beautiful! Loving tom hanks, hes wonderful!!!

Yay Melissa Leo!!!! She was SOO SO SO SO great! Best Supporting Actress! James Francos Oscars Real Time is Amazing! Toy Story 3 winning Best Animated Film, amazingness. Aaron Sorkins great speech for the Social Network. Original Screenplay for The King’s Speech. David Seidler  “My father said I would be a late bloomer”.

Annes outfit change with those fabulous shoes! Christian Bale tearing up for his wife was so adorable. Original Score presentation was amazing. It was exciting to see the orchestra play the classics. This is the time in the show when i have not much to say…

SO happy for Tom Hooper in “The Kings Speech,” great shout out to his Mother. The sets this year are unreal. Natalie Portman, such a beautiful pregnant woman. A well deserved win for Mr. Colin Firth. The struggles one with a stammer has to go through to get a sentence out must be challenging. The way Firth portrayed these struggles on screen was amazing.

And Best Picture goes too……Kings Speech!!!!

I have a thing for…

DANCE MARATHON and would LOVE if you donated to my fundraising page any time today!!! Every penny counts an it is such a great cause. How could you not want to give a dollar?


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I have a thing for…

Photoshop, my new camera and my friends who let me take a photo-shoot of them today. I cannot wait for more, and until then here is a preview!