I have a thing for…

HAIR (the musical)

As a new season of Broadway shows start opening on the Great White Way, I find myself reminiscing about old shows that have left us. Elf came up of the marquee of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre the other day, and it makes me sad because that is where HAIR used to be. That being said, here are some videos from HAIR because I miss it.

I have a thing for…

Fall T.V.

I don’t know what I would do without Entertainment Weekly in my life. Not only is it one of the greatest magazines and websites, but they really have everything I love in one place! Movies, music, books, musicals and T.V.

Since Fall T.V. is just around the corner I wanted to make everyone aware of the cheat sheet EW.com has provided for us for this exciting fall season!


What I am most looking forward to:

  • The return of all of my shows
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • The Event
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • My Generation
  • No Ordinary Family
  • The Whole Truth

I could go on but really, it will be embarrassing 🙂 Happy watching!!!

I have a thing for…

Les Cagelles

We are what we are and what we are, is an illusion. Mom and I got to see opening night of La Cage Aux Folles. And it was such a treat. Douglas Hodge who played the show stopping Zaza or Albin was unbelievable. His first act closer I Am What I Am proved he deserved his Olivier Award and his spot on the Broadway stage. He was such a sweet Albin who had these special moments where you wanted to become his best friend. Kelsey Grammar, playing his lover Georges was a delight to watch. His humor was great and I cannot wait to see when he takes on the role of Albin in a few months.

My personal favorite was Robin de Jesus. He played the lovable and hilarious Jacob, Albin and Georges butler. His personality and uniqueness stood out above everything else for me and it was so great to finally see him on the stage. (I have loved Robin for quite a few years now) He was also so gracious when signing autographs after the show and I really cannot wait to go back and see the show again and again.

Robin and I

I didnt help that I was also in tears when I spoke to him 🙂 The La Cage Dancers were OUT OF THIS WORLD. The legs on these men are just unbelievable, the way they bend and stretch, its amazing to know that they are men. You really would never know because they play such beautiful women.

La Cage was incredible and I cannot wait to see it again!!!

I have a thing for…

Benny (96,000)

and it was not me. I did not win the In the Heights lottery. However, they give the losers of the lottery a chance to purchase orchestra tickets for a discount. So I FINALLY got to see In the Heights. It was worth the wait.

The cast was great, the songs were great, the story line was great. AND Corbin Bleu was HOT. He played Usnavi, the lead character in the show and he really was a great stage actor. He sang, danced and really was such a cutie. My favorite part about him was while waiting for him to sign autographs, he took the time to talk with each 11-year-old obnoxious little girls. He took a picture with everyone and signed a billion Playbills. Corbin was so genuine and thankful, it was great to see that fame has not gotten to his head.

he is just hot

My favorite part of the show was Benny. I was waiting for him to belt out 96,000 and it was soo wonderful. He was adorable, had such an amazing voice and was so wonderfully nice. I loved In the Heights, if you have not seen it, DO IT.

for real though, imagine how it would feel going real slow..

I have a thing for…

Broadway shows!

I finally got to see a show. After being here for two weeks, mom and I decided to venture to the theater district to attempt to get Student Rush tickets for Billy Elliott. SUCCESS! Mezzanine, first row, for $31.50. You just cannot beat that. The show was so great. I laughed, I cried and I sang along (to the only song I know).

Liam Redhead played a fantastic Billy. When he came out at the beginning, I couldn’t get over the arm and leg muscles. Tthen he started to dance. I know they have “Billy Boot Camp,” but he was just incredible. It was really so great to watch him dance and smile, especially when he performed “Electricity.” His dancing came with such ease and it truly was great to watch, at the end he was so happy, proud and loving the applause.

My favorite character was absolutely Michael, played by Trevor Braun. He was the most adorable character. Braun played Michael with such vulnerability; being called a ‘puff,’ dressing in his sisters clothing and giving Billy a kiss on the cheek to wish his a Happy Christmas. It was just innocent love and he was such a fantastic character.

All in all, I LOVED Billy Elliott. I am glad I finally got to see it. I loved most that you could tell that it had Elton John’s touch. From the dancing dresses to the entire cast wearing tutus at the end. It was a great musical that I recommend to anyone who loves the theater.