I have a thing for..

Adorable animals. Shout out to Amanda for sending this to me. It is ACTUALLY the most amazing adorable video I have ever seen. Please enjoy it at your leisure, prepare to have your heart melt.


I have a thing for…

Blogs. Clearly, because I have one I would be addicted to finding other blogs and obsessing over their content. My first blog love has to go to Michelle Profis, if it were not for her I would not have a blog to call my own. She has two different blogs that you can read Big Grapes, Small Raisins or An American Girl in the London World. Michelle writes so beautifully and whenever she posts it feels like I am on a mini-holiday with her in London.

Some other blogs that I can’t get enough of include Gaby Dunn’s 100 Interviews. Gaby has taken on the task of interviewing 100 different people that she has never met and it is really enjoyable to read about her journey of these interviews. Carly Lundy also has a blog that I cannot get enough of. She posts great recipes and ideas that you should definitely check out The Daily Batch! I also have a thing for Chelsea’s blog top5. Here she brings together her love of the Gators, Football and other great things as she counts down her top 5 faves.

I found this blog by clicking and clicking my way through the wonderful world of wedding websites. No, I am not getting married, but I simply LOVE wedding websites. I can thank Lindsay for this problem I have. It started with Style Me Pretty and has since grown to include MANY other sites. I don’t recall how I came across Green Wedding Shoes but I haven’t looked back since. For me, its the photography that draws me into these different sites. I can’t get enough of photography, which is why I LOVE this next blog.

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot. This couple just got married and decided to spend the next six months traveling the world. They have just finished up the Europe segment of their trip, it lasted three months. They are wedding photographers when they are living in the states, so I was obviously drawn to their gorgeous pictures on their blog. If you get a minute, you really should check it out. I feel like I am along for the ride on their amazing travels.

Today I found this blog FRYD + DESIGN and I just love the colors and visuals on the site. And obviously I love Food Blogs. I found this one yesterday thanks to twitter. Making sundaySauce, having just gotten my new camera, I love photographing food and this is a great guide to help me along my journey.

Thats all for today, but I will add more as I find what is out there on this amazing invention we call Internet. Today I am having a technology love attack. It is amazing how the Internet can bring people together from all over the world who have the same interests and desires to share with others.

Why didn’t I go to any of these colleges…

I stumbled upon a site that discussed how you could take a college course  on yours truly, Harry Potter. From ‘Battling Against Voldemort’ to ‘Finding your Patrons.’ I am insanely jealous of all of the students at each of these colleges, and I hope that they all get a chance to take one of these amazing classes.


To view the different classes: Click Here

I have a thing for…

Movie Trailers. They are great. They’re fun, exciting, fresh, new and you always stay ahead of the curve because you watch them way before anyone else does. Its one of my favorite hobbies because I get to see trailers of movies that I would never have seen if I had not ventured over to the trailer Website. There are documentaries, foreign films, dramas, comedies, action films…pretty much everything. And it makes me smile. So if you’re ever bored and can’t sit on Facebook for another second, click over to Apple.com for Trailers or IMDB to view the latest movie trailers!


I have a thing for…

Random youtube videos

Its a new year for us Jews, and hopefully this will be a damn good year for everyone. I know I am looking forward to only great things from here on out, because lets face it, the past two years sucked a lot. But the year 5771 will bring only happiness and health to all. It will also bring great t.v., movies (Harry Potter 🙂 )and books. Most importantly, health!

I will part with the fantastic video I was sent today. It makes me smile 🙂

yes, it is ode to joy- but don’t the muppets just make you laugh?