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Lauren Blatter is a 23-year-old graduate from the superb University of Florida. Currently living in the most amazing city in the world, I am keeping my blog to entertain myself while attempting to keep up with everything that goes on in my life! Lauren or as her friends call her โ€œBlatter,โ€ has many interests which you will read about throughout the blog. When she isnโ€™t surfing the Internet to read whatever she can about Broadway, musicals, Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart or anything else that she stumbles upon; she is crocheting, watching the Food Network or all of her other shows religiously, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, reading or just enjoying being with her friends. This It is dedicated to everything she loves and more. You'll get updates and read random things I have a thing for...so be prepared!

I have a thing for…

my blog. I have missed you greatly and promise to blog more! I just haven’t had anything of relevance to talk about because Harry Potter is over. But that has quickly changed!!! Thanks to my dear friend Jonothon, I am constantly bombarded with amazing videos and music and I had to share this one because it is just SO SO cool.

First watch:

Then watch:

And Lastly:

I have a thing for…

JK Rowling and her amazing brain…obviously I woke up one hour too early to check out her latest addition to the world of Harry Potter. http://www.Pottermore.com

And as I wait patiently to register, I am surprised the internet has not crashed completely, it just says that the Page is not found. Its ok JK, I will register for your site. Because I love and respect you as a writer and want to see what this is all about. Plus the graphics during the video were OUT OF CONTROL.

I have a thing for…

Movie Trailers. There is something about them, I am hooked on watching new the latest ones that appear on the internet. I love knowing what movies are set to come out next and it gives me a chance to look into the movies that I am interested in. For example:

The Art of Getting By

One Day

These are just two of the movies I cannot wait to see….I am sure I will add more ๐Ÿ™‚