I have a thing for…

Crafting. It is quite the obsession I have. I taught myself how to knit and crochet. I have dappled in quilting and about to embark on another quilting project. Yesterday my mom and I stumbled across a Borders that was closing so we decided to venture to the craft section to see if we could find anything good to take home. I think I did pretty well, coming home with 6 books: a cook book FoodPornDaily (CLICK IT ITS AMAZING), 2 quilting books, 2 knitting/crocheting books and a new hobby that I have yet to try but cannot wait to see how it all works out…book making.

The new craft/hobby looks very interesting, and I hope I get the hang out it. Stay tuned and see if anything pops up in my creations page of the blog. I hope it does!


2 thoughts on “I have a thing for…

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  2. FoodPornDaily = amazing…I think I’ll be frequenting the website. I’m excited to hear about the bookmaking! You should go see the book that someone made for Max–it’s super cute.

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