I have a thing for…

Commenting whats going on during the Emmys!

YAYYY ERIC STONESTREET! One for one…whaddup!?!?! (Supporting Actor Comedy)

JANE LYNCH!!! two for two…ahthankyou (Supporting Actress Comedy)

Yay Ryan Murphy!! Glee writing! (Comedy Directing)

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG JIMMMMM, Jim Parson much deserved Emmy Win is the highlight of my night! (Actor Comedy)

Edie Falco: 4 for 4…I am shocking myself (Actress Comedy)

for reality t.v. top chef…all my shows are doing well this year

yes yes we all know mad men is great…blah blah blah

LAME! terry and michael were robbed for supporting actor in a drama 4 for 5 booo (Supporting Actor Drama: Aaron Paul)

woo! 5 for 6! Archie is so great (Supporting Actress Drama)

Bryan Cranston, well deserved…sad it wasnt michael or matthew (Best Actor Drama)

Jimmy killing it with a tribute to 24, Law and Order and LOST…respectively as Elton, Boys II Men and Green Day…the island it was mythical and in the end they died, I didnt understand it but i tried.

Kyra Sedgwick for Best Actress in a Drama, sad it was not Julianna

Tonys Win for writing  for a variety, music or comedy special! “Go to New York, see a Broadway show…it’ll change your life forever”

Not, Conan but the Daily Show

Mad Men….it should have been Lost


jimmy did a great job, and im spent


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