I have a thing for…

Les Cagelles

We are what we are and what we are, is an illusion. Mom and I got to see opening night of La Cage Aux Folles. And it was such a treat. Douglas Hodge who played the show stopping Zaza or Albin was unbelievable. His first act closer I Am What I Am proved he deserved his Olivier Award and his spot on the Broadway stage. He was such a sweet Albin who had these special moments where you wanted to become his best friend. Kelsey Grammar, playing his lover Georges was a delight to watch. His humor was great and I cannot wait to see when he takes on the role of Albin in a few months.

My personal favorite was Robin de Jesus. He played the lovable and hilarious Jacob, Albin and Georges butler. His personality and uniqueness stood out above everything else for me and it was so great to finally see him on the stage. (I have loved Robin for quite a few years now) He was also so gracious when signing autographs after the show and I really cannot wait to go back and see the show again and again.

Robin and I

I didnt help that I was also in tears when I spoke to him 🙂 The La Cage Dancers were OUT OF THIS WORLD. The legs on these men are just unbelievable, the way they bend and stretch, its amazing to know that they are men. You really would never know because they play such beautiful women.

La Cage was incredible and I cannot wait to see it again!!!


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