I Have a a thing for…

Food…I love food, WAY to much. I love being presented with a plate that looks way to good for words. Before I start eating most meals, I have to take a picture of the plate to document what will later sit contently in my belly.

This past Tuesday, Mom and I decided to try out New York’s Restaurant Week. I had choice of restaurant, and decided to try out David Burke’s Townhouse. I was first attracted to the decor of the restaurant, where you felt like you were being transported into a fairytale/Alice in Wonderland with the black and white tiles and the funky artwork all over the restaurant. I was then attracted to the food on everyones table; I wish I could have tried everything on the menu.

I went with the Pretzel Crusted Crabcake with confit orange and poppy seed honey. I never wanted this to end. It was the cutest package presented to me and it really did taste like heaven. The crunch of the pretzel, the tenderness of the crab and taste of all of the flavors together really made this dish spectacular.

heaven wrapped in pretzel

My main dish did not excite me as much as the crabcake did but it was still superb. The main dish was Mustard Crusted Tuna. It was good, but I was still day-dreaming about the crabcake. Dessert made me happy again. I got Warm and Crisp Apple Tart with cider caramel and dulce de leche. Not only was it beautiful, but it was tasty and good.

All in all, my taste buds were appeased and I truly enjoyed my meal. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful restaurants we get to try while exploring the city 😀

warm and crisp apple tart


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