I have a thing for…

NYC…So its officially been over a week since I have been in the City. When I last blogged it was Friday, so lets catch you up to speed on what I have been up to since then. Besides spending I think collectively about 10 hours in Macys and Bloomingdales; we have walked, talked and ate our way through the city.

I had my first celebrity siting on Saturday night at Josie’s on the west side. As I was enjoying drinks before our meal was served, in walks Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men and her husband Fred Armisen. Now, seeing her at first I was very excited, but knowing that she was married to Fred, hoping he would walk in was just the greatest thing. I LOVE Saturday Night Live. I LOVE his character Ferecito, and all of his other characters. So it was a very exciting time for me. I did not take pictures because I did not want to bother them but this memory will be engrained in my mind forever 🙂

Sunday was Valentines Day and my dad was leaving later in the day. My sister and I decided to treat our parents to one of my favorite spots in the City, Cafe Lalo. After a fantastic lunch we saw Valentines Day, which I thought was cute and most appropriate on the most romantic day of the year.

Other than really enjoying walking around and exploring the city, my mom and I have done a tad bit of shopping and are hopefully becoming New Yorkers. (haha I WISH!) I have been catching up on my shows, watching the U.S.A. kick butt in the Olympics, reading the Magicians and knitting myself a scarf! We are getting over the fact that we are three in a studio, it really isn’t that bad!


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