I have a thing for…

telling you about my first days in NYC! Yesterday was my first day in the city and I absolutely had a blast. Running errands for my sister was the only thing on the itinerary but I got to take as many pictures as possible while gallivanting through the snowy city. The snow was really not that bad, I didn’t mind it- only when the water got in my boots. So we ran to get a new pair, which have come in handy! We did manage to squeeze in “Chocolate By the Bald Man” or Max Brenner, who I am in love with, and it was fantastic.

my lover, max

Today was meet with doctors day! I met with Dr. Moskowitz, he was great and I want to start treatment asap. However, I have to harvest my eggs first because we’re not sure if the chemo treatment/radiation can affect my baby making abilities later on in life. After that my parents treated me to Crumbs, they took way to many tubes of blood. LOVE LOVE LOVE

happy valentines day love crumbs :)

happy valentines day love crumbs 🙂


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